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The Rule of 72 and How Inflation Impacts Retirement Savings

by Craig Fowler We’ve all heard of or know people who have gotten rich overnight. Alas, for most people, saving for retirement and being able to maintain the lifestyle of one’s choice depends a lot more on the magic of compound interest than “winning the lottery.” But figuring out how much $100 will grow over […]

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Reverse Mortgages: What You Need to Know

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Fixed Annuities for Different Retirement Income Needs

Regret Over Missed Opportunities Could Cost YouRegret Over Missed Opportunities Could Cost You
OCT 28, 2018 By ALEX.fyi Staff
Regret Over Missed Opportunities Could Cost You

You may be familiar with the theme. A neighbor, a friend, or a colleague tells you about a company he’s investing in that is expected to be the next Amazon. Because you are not one to make rash decisions, you hold off, choosing instead to see how it does for a period of time. Over […]

Habits Are LIFOHabits Are LIFO
OCT 4, 2018 By Ramsey Smith
Habits are LIFO

Well, that explains it… Nir Eyal used the phrase in 2017, and it spoke to me the moment I saw it. Habits are LIFO: Last In, First Out. “HAL,” let’s call it, is a critical upgrade to “old habits die hard,” a saying that reeks of acquiescence. The stickiness of bad habits is one of […]