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Habits Are LIFOHabits Are LIFO
OCT 4, 2018 By Ramsey Smith
Habits are LIFO

Well, that explains it… Nir Eyal used the phrase in 2017, and it spoke to me the moment I saw it. Habits are LIFO: Last In, First Out. “HAL,” let’s call it, is a critical upgrade to “old habits die hard,” a saying that reeks of acquiescence. The stickiness of bad habits is one of […]

Fixed Annuities vs. CDsFixed Annuities vs. CDs
SEP 13, 2018 By Ramsey Smith
Fixed Annuities vs CDs: Which is Right for You?

For those seeking a low-risk investment with safety of principal, fixed annuities and CDs are both appropriate options. When choosing between the two, however, you should take into consideration the benefits of each individually, relative to your unique needs. Let’s start with the basics for each option: Fixed annuities are issued by life insurance companies […]