Retirement Solutions

By Ramsey Smith
The Fate of Social Security

“The one thing that unites … fiscal gaps for Social Security, Medicare or state and local pensions is that someone will have to pay more for them in the future, or some beneficiaries will have to receive less. Since 2008, the main entitlement trend has been that Millennials are losing the ability to pay for […]

By Ramsey Smith
Economists and the Case for Simple Income Annuities

“There is almost a consensus in the ‘ivory tower’ that annuities make sense for the consumer… There have been 2,000 articles about annuities written by card-carrying professors since the 1960s and 99.9% of them are pro-annuities.”​ – Prof. Moshe Milevsky, York University Economists tend to be big fans of annuities. In study after study, economists […]