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By ALEX.fyi Staff
How Much Should I Allocate to an Income Annuity?

Q. How Much Retirement Capital Should I Allocate to an Income Annuity? A. It depends. This is a common question with both a long and a short answer. The short ALEX.fyi answer is this: our view is that in most cases, an allocation of a third or less of your retirement assets is appropriate. Importantly, […]

The rule of 72The rule of 72
By ALEX.fyi Staff
The Rule of 72 and How Inflation Impacts Retirement Savings

by Craig Fowler We’ve all heard of or know people who have gotten rich overnight. Alas, for most people, saving for retirement and being able to maintain the lifestyle of one’s choice depends a lot more on the magic of compound interest than “winning the lottery.” But figuring out how much $100 will grow over […]