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Straight Talk, No Filter

Guess who’s a big rock star now? Little ol’ me, your friendly income annuity. 

I just embarked on a sold-out Summer 2019 tour with an opening act that you may have heard of- the Rolling Stones. Although I won’t exactly be up on stage with Mick, Keith and the gang, everyone will know I’m there. That’s because the Rolling Stones’ No Filter tour is being fully sponsored by the Alliance for Lifetime Income, an advocacy group comprised largely of annuity providers. Concert goers will be met with fun, interactive exhibits showcasing the role that an annuity like me can play in creating a secure retirement.

Sure, some skeptics are saying that my special appearance is proof that the Stones aren’t getting any younger. Where once there was sex and drugs to go with that rock n’ roll, now there’s retirement security. But, honestly, isn’t that what so many people want? Peace of mind is a beautiful thing.

So check out my timeless performance. Even if you can’t get Rolling Stones tickets- scalped or otherwise- you can still be part of my show.

Yours truly,

Income Annuity 

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