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By Ramsey Smith
Monthly Income Is the Real Pot of Gold

Surprise!  Annuity providers aren’t the only ones focused on income streams in retirement.  Economist and Nobel Laureate Robert Merton has long argued that defined contribution plans like 401(k)s don’t do enough to convey to employees that they will need to convert their account balances- what may seem like a “pot of gold” at first glance- […]

Photo Credit: Alliance for Lifetime Income
By Ramsey Smith
Straight Talk, No Filter

Guess who’s a big rock star now? Little ol’ me, your friendly income annuity.  I just embarked on a sold-out Summer 2019 tour with an opening act that you may have heard of- the Rolling Stones. Although I won’t exactly be up on stage with Mick, Keith and the gang, everyone will know I’m there. […]