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Habits Are LIFOHabits Are LIFO
By Ramsey Smith
Habits are LIFO

Well, that explains it… Nir Eyal used the phrase in 2017, and it spoke to me the moment I saw it. Habits are LIFO: Last In, First Out. “HAL,” let’s call it, is a critical upgrade to “old habits die hard,” a saying that reeks of acquiescence. The stickiness of bad habits is one of […]

Power to the PerennialsPower to the Perennials
By ALEX.fyi Staff
Power to the Perennials, the Unsung Non-Generation

Imagine if Diana Nyad, the endurance swimmer who swam from Cuba to Florida at the age of 64, had decided to tap out after her first failed attempt at age 29. Even better — imagine walking up to Elon Musk and telling him that at 46, he is both too old to be working in tech and […]